Hey super woman* needing a break?

You're ambitious and successful, your social life is vibrant and your family is well organised. Yet you feel a perpetual exhaustion. You're smart enough to know exactly what to do to feel better. But the right day to start always seems to be next week. Sounds familiar?

And maybe there is a frequent bag of potato chips after work. Is that really to ease your hunger? Or has it become your way to fill a void inside of you, caused by chronically forgetting to take time for a rest or see a friend? How about those persistant ailments your doctor cannot really put their finger on? What if they are just your body's way of telling you: it's been enough? How about feeling balanced ever after? Now is your time! Pause. Take a deep breath. And get in touch today!

*) Are you a superman ready for a break? Don't feel left out and get in touch with me.

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Balanced Ever After Inspiration

What is a Health Coach?

As a Health Coach, I’m won’t be pointing my finger at you nor will I tell you what’s best for you. Instead, I will support you reaching your goals with insights and tips tailored to you and your life.

Primary Foods as an entree

These represent your balance off your plate. How do your career, relationships, exercise and spirituality influence your cravings? Health coaching is about nutrition, but more so about what makes you happy.

Secondary foods as a main

These are all the food on your plate. What exactly makes a healthy meal? And how do you prepare it in such a way it doesn't become a job in itself? Healthy made easy is my style.

Progress over perfection

Balance is work in progress. Letting go of habits that no longer serve you and learning new ones doesn't happen overnight. I'm here to cheerlead so you can make your new health habits sustainable.

Why not prevent?

Preventing dis-ease is better than curing it. And so much more fun! Did you know that 80% of visits to the GP are stress related? Stress causes nasty inflammations in your body. Let's exchange stress for happiness.

Are healthy fats a fad?

So what's the deal with fats? Did you know it's actually sugar that makes you put on weight? Sugar is hidden in so many products you eat and drink every day. Let's investigate together.